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Connecting Americans to UNESCO since 1984

The United States Rejoins UNESCO

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About Americans for UNESCO

What We Do

Americans for UNESCO was formed as a 501c3 nongovernmental organization based in Washington, DC. Since the restrictions on U.S. government funding for the organization, we have become a network of individuals aligned with other organizations that support U.S. multilateral engagement, such as the UN Association of the U.S., and the United Nations Foundation. ln this process, we have found that U.S. civil society has limited familiarity with the role and mission of UNESCO. Restoring U.S.-UNESCO relations will require more outreach and awareness raising as well as building a larger constituency for the organization.

At this pivotai moment of re-entry, our current strategic objectives prioritize the promotion of US involvement in UNESCO. We advocate for the support of UNESCO programs in the United States. We raise awareness and provide news and information to connect Americans and the US government to the full breadth and scope of UNESCO’s principles and comparative advantage. And we build bridges and networks between UNESCO and our robust ecosystem of collaborating organizations, institutions, and individuals to engage with and support UNESCO.

Our History

Created ten years ago, we are an outgrowth of Americans for the Universality of UNESCO (AUU), the only domestic source of information about UNESCO during the 18 years (1984-2002) of US absence from the Organization. Our predecessor organization played a vital raie in liaising with civil society and US government during the 1999-2002 successful reentry campaign.

After the first re-entry had been accomplished, we rebranded to become Americans for UNESCO and support enhanced US participation with UNESCO, in partnership with the US National Commission. Today, in collaboration with former members of the US UNESCO National Commission, the UN USA Association, the UN Foundation, concerned government agencies, research institutes, universities, and NGOs, we propose to join forces again to explore ways to re-engage with US government and civil society organizations towards renewed full US participation in UNESCO.

Our Board


Ms. Melinda Kimble

Board Members

Dr. Allen L. Chickering

Mr. Jay Corless

Dr. Frank Dall

Dr. Laura Engel

Dr. John E. S. Lawrence

Dr. Maureen McClure

Mr. William Mcllhenny

Dr. Matt Metz

Dr. Susan Rauch

Dr. Sonja Taylor

Dr. Emily Vargas-Baron

Dr. Dan Wagner